Hi. This is Dave. I’m a Shanghai-based professional wedding photographer. I will not attempt to pitch my work here, I believe you should visit my portfolio and decide yourself if what you see is what you like. If you do like it, please fill in the contact form and I’ll get back to you soon.





What’s your style of work?

You could define it as wedding photojournalism. I’m there to tell the story of your wedding day, and I give my best to capture true emotions and all the memorable moments. At the same time I try to be as unobtrusive as I can. Engagement sessions are typically done on location, we can go with spontaneity or we can plan out every detail. In any case – share your vision with me and we will definitely get there.


What are your rates?

For both weddings and pre-weddings I offer several packages so there is something for everyone. Contact me for full pricing list.


How far in advance should we book?

The easy answer is: the earlier, the better. I’m often booked several months in advance for weddings, with engagement shoots there’s always more flexibility. In any case, check with me about the availability.


How long before we see our wedding pictures?

It usually takes a month for the photos to be ready. If you need them faster, we can work it out.


Would you travel to be our wedding photographer?

Absolutely. I love travel and I love photography therefore destination wedding photography is the best of both worlds. If you marry on the Moon, I’ll be there.


Can you shoot photos and video for us?

Yes and no. Well, not at the same time. Making a great wedding video requires a well coordinated team. With the number of heavy movie-making tools (jibs, sliders, steadicams, etc.) it’s impossible for one person to handle it all. I collaborate with an awesome team to shoot these, feel free to ask about it.


Do you speak Chinese?

Yes, I do. Long way ahead of me though.

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