couple at guam beach


One of the recent weddings brought us yet again to Guam, a remote but charming tropical place that is a true melting pot of cultures. When Carmen & Edmund emailed us with a proposition to make their destination wedding video there, we were really excited to go again.

Having shot another pre-wedding video in Guam a while back was a big advantage as we already had some knowledge about locations and the environment. At the same time, it can be a creative trap as instead of looking at things with fresh perspective, you tend to replicate them to stay in your comfort zone. Therefore, we decided to mix things up to bring some original content to the video while still having backup locations in case we needed them.

The wedding ceremony took place in the beautiful chapel called Jewel by the Sea by Hyatt Regency. We loved the venue, its pristine feel and stunning view on the ocean. After the ceremony we spent the rest of the day and the next day shooting around multiple locations of the island. Just as before, except the camera kit, we used our drone to get otherwise impossible shots from the air. The couple did an amazing job being natural for camera and the chilled-out atmosphere of Guam made the whole experience pretty relaxing.

Thinking of shooting your own destination wedding video in Guam? Text us and let’s talk!

Wedding Venue: Jewel by the Sea
Wedding Planner: Arluis

For China viewers with no VPN, see Youku link.