packaging for wedding photographers


Just a quick little share today – we are presenting our updated wedding photography packaging.

It used to be that everyone loved their DVDs but in recent years they have almost become obsolete. And for a good reason. Their life span isn’t great and they always had to be handled with care to avoid scratches or any other damage to the surface. Therefore we have gladly moved to USB pen drives and the feedback so far is excellent. Wooden and custom made with branded logo, they fit just right in their designated cute box. And together with online galleries, our clients receive the full package with high resolution copies of their precious wedding photos.

Also, we’re still not giving up on prints. They are not your typical Kodak shop type; printed on archival semi-gloss photographic paper, they are meant to last a lifetime (and some more). And since pretty much everyone loves them, for now prints will have a permanent position in our packages, together with their big brothers – albums.

usb pen drive packaging for wedding photographers prints and packaging for wedding photographers packaging for wedding photographers